Mist Eliminators

Using mist eliminators, a fine mist or condensate consisting of air and gas streams is collected.
A mist eliminator, designed for submicron droplet separation. It removes droplets from air or gas streams. They are suitable for large droplets (>15µm), but also for very fine mist droplets (<3µm). Mist eliminators are used for gas/liquid separation, and are ideally suited for efficient removal of aerosols.

How mist eliminators work

The mist eliminator guides the gas stream through a restricted space. As a result of this, the gas changes direction, and the moisture droplets land on the mist eliminator and are then removed by gravity. In more complex designs, the moisture can be removed separated from the gas stream.

All of Ecosystems Europe's mist eliminators are tailored to the application you intend to use them for, and to your operating conditions. Our range includes, amongst others, mist eliminators and filter candles (Brinks), mesh pad demisters and Vane or Chevron droplet separators. We have the right installations and proper in-house expertise for any application.

Mist eliminator applications

Mist eliminators are used for a broad range of applications They are highly efficient (up to 99.95%), low maintenance and self-cleaning. Mist eliminators are even used in demanding conditions, such as in the off-shore and chemical industries.

Mist eliminators often allow you to recover valuable raw materials, saving you costs and reducing production losses.

Mist eliminators are especially well-suited for the separation of:

  • Organic vapours
  • Mist 
  • Acid mists
  • Soluble particulates
  • Amines

Important benefits

  • Low maintenance and maintenance costs
  • Relatively easy installation or expansion
  • Self-cleaning
  • Also suited for challenging or extreme conditions
  • Suitable for large to sub-micron moisture droplets