Reliable measurements and clear analyses

Good measurements are essential in order to comply with laws and regulations. Only reliable measurements will allow you to determine how efficient an installation works. 

That is why Ecosystems Europe offers a range of measurements which they can carry out for you. We work quickly and efficiently, and deliver highly accurate measuring results. As a result, you'll know exactly what the performance of your installation is.

Measurements we can carry out for you

  • Mist measurement (for optimising emission control)
  • PeGaSys measurement (in order to determine the performance of your catalyst and converter)
  • FID measurement / VOC measurement
  • Flow and pressure measurements
  • Carbon analysis (determining residual capacity of activated carbon, in own laboratory)
  • SO2, SO3, NOx, CL2, HCL and O2 flue gas measurement

Do you have any questions about our measurements? Then please get in touch.