DynaWave Scrubbers

The DynaWave gas scrubber is a unique installation for carrying out several processes simultaneously.

A gas scrubber absorbs pollutant components from exhaust gases. The DynaWave gas scrubber does the same, though also combines several processes in a single device. This makes the DynaWave particularly efficient.

How the DynaWave gas scrubber works

In this gas scrubber, the gas stream collides powerfully with a washing liquid that is propelled upwards. As a result, a so-called 'froth zone' is formed, a turbulent zone in which the gas is dissolved in the liquid. This froth zone makes it possible to carry out four processes simultaneously:

  1. Removal of acids
  2. Capture of contaminant particulates
  3. Cooling hot gases
  4. Converting sulfite into sulfate

The DynaWave gas scrubber is the only installation that is capable of carrying out these processes in just one column. 

DynaWave gas scrubber applications

The Dynawave gas scrubber works with various reagents, such as calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, caustic soda and others. The installation can be used for a broad range of applications, is low in maintenance costs, and efficient if you want to carry out several processes at the same time.

DynaWave gas scrubbers are especially well-suited for:

  • The chemical industry
  • Surface treatment
  • flue gases from incinerators
  • Metal smelters
  • Sulfuric acid production

Important benefits

  • Low maintenance and maintenance costs
  • Blockage-free
  • Simple to use
  • High efficient particle removal
  • Several functions in just one installation