Ecosystems Europe

Ecosystems Europe BV specialises in industrial gas treatment. Design, construction, installation and start-up of hyper-modern technologies based on proven technologies, for a better environment and clean air. For many emission issues, we have worked together with the client to create solutions that result in a reduction in air pollution, comply with emission requirements and eliminate nuisances. Whether this concerns acid vapours such as SO2, H2S, HCl or NOx, odour reduction or flue gas treatment, Ecosystems has a solution. Nowadays the emphasis is on 'sustainability' via reuse of energy, saving energy and reusing residual materials.

A large number of these modern technologies are available for you to take a look at. From small filters for a local problem, to complex gas washing installations. From turnkey to 'basic engineering only' – we have test installations for all the technologies described available, and lab tests can be carried out in order to assess viability.

Career opportunities